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Latest MagicPlus (zip)


- Free to use and deploy

- Great Documentation

- Sample Application

- Multiple Modules


For further information on MagicPlus please contact us.


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Extend your Magic Applications.

- Bring RAD (Rapid Application Development) to a new level.

- Combine MagicPlus with your skills to do more with less effort.

- Capture Magic expertise out of the box with MagicPlus.

- Do not re-invent what is already available to you.

What is MagicPlus?

MagicPlus is a eDeveloper component that can be included into any existing eDeveloper application. The name of the product "MagicPlus" is concise yet it accuratly states that it will nicely complement existing or in-development Magic applications.

MagicPlus is developed for magicians who value the fact that Magic/eDeveloper/UniPaaS adds a "Plus" to their business and to the business of their customers. To those, MagicPlus is meant to be a "Plus" on top of the "Plus" derived from Magic.

More precisely, MagicPlus is a set of generic utilities that have been identified, generalized and finalized to be potentially useful to the Magic community. Some of these utilities are quite simple like the 'Sort string object' that will sort a string of elements in memory simply by calling the object passing the string to sort as a parameter. However, others are generic and sophisticated in addressing higher level application concepts such as the 'Code table maintenance object'.

An other 'Plus' resides in the fact that the product is strongly documented. It comes with a demo CTL. Once activated, it will take you through the simple steps of understanding and using each of the utilities objects.

Currently includes:

- A generic code maintenance utility for simple code tables.
- Object to sort strings in memory.
- Two objects to handle Magic variable references (ie:'BA'var = 27)
- A general message box. Provides more than the Magic message box.
- A calendar object. To attach to any date model.
- An adding machine. To attach to any numeric model.
- A graph object. To produce simple lines and bars charts.
- An ISN object: Generic way to assign and track internal serial numbers.
- A debugger to track closely and efficiently your applications.
- Generic contacts utility for contact information of your applications.
- Generic notes and address utilities for all your Magic applications.
- Generic configuration utility.
- User Defined Fields (UDF). (click here for more details on UDF) .
- Available for V10/UniPaaS. (January 2009).
- Supports MSSQL, Pervasive and Oracle databases.
- Available for MySQL. (November 2009, also free, but please contact us).

What is the price of MagicPlus?

Using MagicPlus in its executable version is FREE to use and deploy. You can integrate this component to any of your eDeveloper applications at no cost. We only request that you do not re-sell MagicPlus as the tool application with the goal of financial profit.

How do I get MagicPlus?

Simply download the latest version of MagicPlus here or contact us.

Latest version of MagicPlus requires eDeveloper version 9.4SP7 or higher for v9 or 10.1SP3c or higher for V10/UniPaaS.

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